Pet Educate

Pet Educate
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Pet Educate – The # 1 online resource for pet owners.

Pet ownership can be a maze of questions and doubts, specifically for new or unfamiliar pets.

Enter, Pet Educate.

Established in 2019 by Jeremy Williams, a seasoned pet owner with over 25 years of personal experience, Pet Educate is your ultimate guide to navigating the ins and outs of pet care.

Pet Educate are a dedicated team with a cumulative experience of 250 years in raising and caring for a varied variety of animals – from usual ones like dogs and cats to the unique ones like snakes and poultries.

Their collective passion is channeled into rigorous research, and consultation with a veterinary board, ensuring you get just the most trustworthy and accurate information.

With connections to experts in various fields, consisting of veterinarians, and an emphasis on citations, references, and genuine research, we pride ourselves on being a dependable source of information.

Since our inception, we’ve reached out and assisted over 2 million pet owners, with the numbers growing each year. Our library flaunts thousands of articles, making us one of the leading online pet sources.

Ultimately, Pet Educate aims to simplify pet ownership and care; helping it’s readers understand their pet( s), meet their needs, and enhance the bonds in which they share.

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